A New Call Of Duty Will Be Announced May 1st
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A New Call Of Duty Will Be Announced May 1st

So speculation has been running rampant for the past few months over the next Call Of Duty. Only it’s less about if there will be a new Call Of Duty (because there will be a new Call Of Duty, that’s how the universe works), and more when a new Call Of Duty will be announced. Today marks the start of the final countdown of that speculation for Activision have decreed ‘Reveal Day’ for the next Call Of Duty to be May 1st during the evening’s basketball playoffs on American cable channel TNT, further proving that Americans always get nice things.

However, the Internet does not particularly enjoy having to adhere to trivial things like dates and, as such, it’s been tripping over itself to spoil the release date for the next Call Of Duty (fully expected to be Black Ops 2) ever since the announcement.  Specifically, this image (from MP1st) has been leaked.

Photo Taken By A Gamestop Employee

As you can see, that’s clearly a date listed there.  Specifically 13/11/12.  So, just yet another leak in the grand scheme of things, right?  Wrong!  For, you see, that release date is exactly one day after the last release date leak; one which we reported back in March.  Different release date “leaks” don’t tend to stick too close together.  But this isn’t the only evidence to pop up.  That image on the left is of a standee, leaked by a GameStop employee.  However, instead of saying “Black Ops 2” where the game name should be, it says “Eclipse”.

“But that could simply mean the game’s subtitle, right?”  Well, yes, but CVG have done some research and it turns out that there is a total solar eclipse due November 13th. Call Of Duty games do launch in November and Halo 4 has just stolen the first Tuesday of the month, CoD‘s typical launch week.  Activision will still want a launch during the opening of November, the most profitable time of the year.  Might they go for the next best option and make a marketing campaign around the eclipse situation?

This is mostly circumstantial evidence, yes, but evidence nonetheless. We are speculating here, after all.  And we still don’t know anything official when it comes to the release date, whether it’ll hit the Vita, whether it’s an official sequel to Black Ops or even its name!  Nevertheless, we’ll all find out the truth together in about 7 days when the official announcement occurs.



Contributor: RobotGeek   Posted: Apr 23, 2012 at 1:26pm
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