A new way to teach history
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A new way to teach history

As the nation’s education system continues to falter, many are looking for a new way to teach students. The games like those created as part of Mission U.S. could help revitalize the classroom when schools need it the most.

“Less than one-quarter of students perform[ed] at or above the Proficient level in 2010.”

That’s according to findings from the National Assessment of Educational Progress for U.S. history administered just a few years ago. In other words, only one in every four students in grades 4-12 passed a basic test of how much they knew about the country’s less than three century existence.

In the same year as the above assessment, the Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a different study that attempted to measure children’s exposure to media and digital technology. The 2010 survey found that children spend just under four and a half hours watching television per day, and a combined two and a half hours on the computer and playing console videogames.

In fact, what appeared decades ago to be a fringe hobby reserved for a small sub-group of misfit teens, has since ballooned into a multi-billion dollar a year industry in which 183 million Americans now take part daily.

Only 2% of 12th grade students know that Brown v. Board ...


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