All Heroes of Newerth Characters Soon to be Free
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All Heroes of Newerth Characters Soon to be Free

Starting tomorrow, all in-game characters for S2 Games' action-RTS title Heroes of Newerth become free to use. The game, which is already free-to-play, offers a number of characters which were heretofore only available via purchase. Now that all 107 characters are gratis, S2 is enthusiastically declaring the game "truly free to own."

The update will allow for more in-game variety, as the 107 characters, which were previously only available in a weekly rotating pool of 16 (with the option to purchase characters using real or in-game currency) will be made available all at once.

What's more, those who purchased a character within the last 15 days are eligible for a full refund, while anyone who bought a character beforehand will have access to a number of free bonuses.

Marc DeForest, S2 Games co-founder and CEO, said, “We are very excited to announce All Heroes Free, which gives every player access to our ever-growing hero pool."



Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: Jul 19, 2012 at 2:47pm
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