Amazing Alex Walkthrough
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Amazing Alex Walkthrough

The Amazing Alex walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips to get all 3 stars in each of the over 100 levels, across four chapters, in this physics-based puzzler. Available now at the App Store for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and on Android mobiles. Soon on PC & Mac too.

A brand new physics puzzle game from the creators of Angry Birds! Meet Amazing Alex, this whiz kid has a boundless imagination and a houseful of fun toys that can turn anything into an adventure!

From cleaning up his room and playing in his treehouse to battling cardboard robots in his backyard, Alex creates amazing chain reactions to get the job done with the maximum amount of fun! Now he has some challenges for you — and he wants to see the most creative solutions YOU can create! With 100 challenging levels across four fun-filled locations, there’s a whole world of creations to explore!

Amazing Alex is a Rovio-published game that is fun for all ages!

Table of Contents

Index of Amazing Alex Guides:

This is a 100% Amazing Alex 3 Star Walkthrough.

Play & Create Your Own Solutions:

Set the objects up to bounce, pop, ricochet, bash, and crash into each other and create an elaborate Rube Goldberg device! With a houseful of toys to play with, there’s more than one right answer! Share your most creative solutions with your friends and see what they came up with!

Build & Share Levels:

Got a great idea for a level? Design intriguing new levels using 35 interactive objects and share them — with friends or with the whole world! With other fans constantly creating and uploading new levels, there are always new challenges to check out!


- 100 amazing levels to test your creativity.
- Regular free updates with new levels.
- Create your own levels and share them with friends or with the whole world.
- Amazingly social — share your levels and solutions with friends, or see theirs.
- 35 fully interactive objects and four fun locations.
- Download and play the best fan-created levels from around the world.
- Retina optimized for resolutionary experience.

Amazing Alex Walkthrough: The Classroom – Tutorial Levels 1-16

Included Levels in this Chapter 1 3 Star Video Guide:

Amazing Alex Level 1-1: Playtime
Amazing Alex Level 1-2: Catch That Ball
Amazing Alex Level 1-3: Mind the Gap
Amazing Alex Level 1-4: Rollercoaster
Amazing Alex Level 1-5: Chain Reaction
Amazing Alex Level 1-6: The Robot Overlord
Amazing Alex Level 1-7: Behind Boxes
Amazing Alex Level 1-8: Revenge of the Robot
Amazing Alex Level 1-9: Books Away
Amazing Alex Level 1-10: Ball Collector
Amazing Alex Level 1-11: Push and Pop
Amazing Alex Level 1-12: Flying with Scissors
Amazing Alex Level 1-13: Pop Don’t Fly
Amazing Alex Level 1-14: Ballooned Away
Amazing Alex Level 1-15: Balloon Pusher
Amazing Alex Level 1-16: Free That Balloon

For some walkthrough screenshots, click the image to see it full-sized.

Amazing Alex Walkthrough continues on Page 2 with Chapter 2.

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