Ancel still not ready to talk Beyond Good & Evil 2
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Ancel still not ready to talk Beyond Good & Evil 2

Can you believe that in around a year from now Beyond God & Evil will be celebrating its tenth anniversary? Time really does fly by!

Ubisoft first teased a sequel, Beyond Good & Evil 2, over four years ago. We haven’t heard much about it since then.

It shouldn’t come as a shock that creator Michel Ancel franchise’s creator still has nothing to say about the project. He was asked for any sort of update in this month’s Nintendo Power, but Ancel was only able to reply with the following:

“[Laughs] I think the Wii U GamePad could be used nicely as a camera… [Laughs] No, to be honest, I’m really focused on Rayman Legends right now. I’m surprised how much of our energy it’s taking because I expected it to be an easier game to make. But because of the Wii U GamePad, we’re really focusing on this one. I can’t talk about what the next game will before us because it’s not set in stone yet, so I guess I don’t have a better answer for you. Sorry! [Laughs]“


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