Another N7 Weekend Coming up for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayers
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Another N7 Weekend Coming up for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayers

BioWare is having yet another N7 weekend with the reward of a commendation pack. This time BioWare is adding the N7 Valkyrie assault rifle will be added to the list of possible commendation pack items in honor of Operation: Valkyrie. It will happen this weekend from Friday October 26th and Sunday October 28th.
All you've got to do is earn 50,000 points using N7 promotional weapons (Valiant, Hurricane, Crusader, Eagle) on any map at any difficulty. You can use the four weapons may be used in combination. Points will be cumulative and extraction is not required. The story description is as follows:
An elite asari unit recently recovered shipments of Alliance weapons that had been intercepted by Cerberus. The weapons will soon be delivered to the front lines where they belong. With fresh supplies and skilled reinforcements, we were able to increase the number of targets planned for our next assault.
BioWare has continued to support Mass Effect 3 with both multiplayer and single player DLC. The next installment of the latter is the long-awaited Omega DLC arriving November 27th. It is touted by BioWare to be the largest DLC they have created yet. 



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