apb set for 31st march
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apb set for 31st march

Did you by any chance like Crackdown yet think that the multiplayer could have been a little bit better, and have a little bit more variety in the missions? Then introduce yourself to APB.

APB is a MMO made by the Crackdown team, which puts you in the position of being either a cop or a criminal, each with their own priviledges and playstyles. Also the customisation on this game is amazing, when designing your character/car/clothes you can put custom decals/tattoos where you want and yet the server is able to send that information to others players lightning fast so it wont load up in layers, also you can play your own custom music from you car and because the developers have been working with Last.FM, others players computers are scanned for a similar track you are playing, and that is played on their PC.
As for server types, it is not known if PvP servers will exist bu what will exist is normal servers, and chaos servers. Normal servers mean that as an enforcer, you cant arrest a player without them first doing somthing wrongsuch as steal a car, but on a chaos server this restriction is removed although IMO takes away some of the authenticity of being a cop.

One more thing i would like to mention about the game is how the missions are dished out, it’s an unusual system but looks like it works miracles. If you are robbing a bank and finding it very easy to get away and the AI isn’t providing much of a challenge then enforcers may be given a mission to stop you, which now means that somebody will have to fail the mission.

This is going to add so much more depth to the game, just imagine that now the enemy will not just use a scripted attack method and becomes random all the time, but it also gets you interacting more with opposing players, somthing which is not happening much in many MMOs at the moment….. Read more


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