ArcheAge’s Piracy System Detailed
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ArcheAge’s Piracy System Detailed

Fancy being a pirate in ArcheAge? Well guess what? You actually can be, with your own ship and island as well, but you will be hated by pretty much everyone. Being a pirate is a lonely existence.

If you kill or steal from other players in the world you will receive bad karma, when your meter reaches 3,000 you will be flagged “red” and will be constantly open to attack. However, once you are flagged you can also form a pirate expedition force, no details were offered about what this is exactly, but it sounds like a sort of guild system.

Pirates won’t be able to interact with any NPCs in the game’s starter areas and all guards will automatically aggro on you, but pirate players do have access to their own island which contains friendly NPCs and several quests. You can check out the video below to see this system in action.

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