Best nude scenes in video games
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Best nude scenes in video games

Video Description: Adam Sessler jumps in the wayback machine and takes a look at the greatest nude scenes in gaming. See the best from games like ‘Lost and Damned’, the ‘God of War’ series, ‘BMX XXX’, ‘Tomb Raider’ and ‘The Godfather II’.

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Contributor:   Posted: Jun 30, 2009 at 5:31pm
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  • Molten-Gaming

    nice article!



    • The Future of Sega

      SUCH LANGUAGE!!!!!!

  • katsumi1980

    The scene in Heavy Rain is quite nice as well.

  • Osamaasif_01

    naked raiden

  • Lostdwarf

    Didn’t the Soprano’s game have nudity in it as well?>

    • Alienhunter333

      yes it did during the club levels when they were discussing a problem or something

      • Fella Hinters

        doesn’t matter boobies.

  • Ryan Boucquez

    What about in the Witcher 2? Triss Marigold was pretty impressive

  • Somebody

    I really don’t think “boobies” are something this guy “is an expert at”. Also, this would more accurately be titled “most popular nude scenes in video games” since most of these sucked and were just included because they’re the only ones he was familiar with not doing any research whatsoever. Also, he sounds like a whiny teenage virgin.

  • Christopher Forsyth

    Well, this guy has one thing right–he’s an expert at being a boob. Having to use *mods* to pad out his list (And he didn’t even bother to mention Better Bodies by name, or that the mod also existed for Morrowind)–very lame. Then again…G4TV, what do you expect, I guess.

  • warhammer imperial guard

    M- rated games must have some nudity concepts within their ploy, that is because to attract male gamers which is it’s general audience. What happen to our generations nowadays.

    • chris busen

      We get hammered with violence every other place we look, well placed nude scenes can make you more invested in a game and turn up the heat on a good plot. As an adult I don’t see how any rational adult could propose that having a graphic scene of violence in it’s stead is any better…Neither should be requisite in every video game but companies can’t lower the bar fast enough and people will make the sick ones popular

  • Somebody


  • GuestNum1

    Aww man,i wanted to see the nude parts……

  • Marco

    Whats a boob, come on guy’s. Never seen that before? As a kid we suck on mommy’s nipple and look at her cunt when we bathing! Now we grown up, you must be 18 for seeing anything? Thats a major buuuulllllshit.

  • Henryrone

    damn why cover

  • yepa

    why the hell that character of mgs would hide his balls? his traing to scape withouth been seeing, so, nobody is going to see his tiny balls.

  • slick_Vic

    The best one The Guy Game !!!!

  • Chris Provenzano

    I miss Adam ;~;

  • John Smith

    Nudity is NEVER pointless or gratuitous.