Bit.Trip Runner 2 looking great while still incomplete
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Bit.Trip Runner 2 looking great while still incomplete

Even with some of the assets missing, Bit.Trip Runner 2 is looking very special indeed. Check out Commander Video

This video is actually a follow-up to an earlier one; Gaijin promised to release a video of this level when complete, but apparently got bored of waiting.

“We still have a long way to go, so let’s just call this a better-than-before sneaky sneakpeek. We’ll post a playthrough of the truly FINAL version of the level later on,” the developer said.

Bit.Trip Runner 2 is due later this year, maybe in November, via the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. It marks a departure from the simple graphical stylings of past games in the series, which Gaijin feels you should maybe get over.

Thanks, Destructoid.


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