BREAKING: Fork Parker Reveals Hotline Miami not part of Bad Boys franchise
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BREAKING: Fork Parker Reveals Hotline Miami not part of Bad Boys franchise

My goodness, it's only a few more days until you'll be able to play Hotline Miami (it hits all the digital retailers on October 23), that really strange-looking top-down PC action title from Dennation and Devolver Digital.

This week, I had the chance to chat briefly with Fork Parker, otherwise known as that old guy from Devolver who makes jokes on the Twitters. He had some rather shocking things to say to me about the game, and the full text of our conversation is below.

Phil: Where does Hotline Miami take place?

Fork: 1989 Miami, Florida. Well, technically it takes place in your hard drive -- most likely in a folder called 'Hotline Miami' – but that's a pretty specific way of looking at it.

Phil: Hotline Miami features violence, which is bad. Why can't the people in
 he game just get along?

Fork: In the original prototype Dennaton Games had a feature where you could walk up to the enemies and talk through your issues. It was a way to connect on an emotional level with people of different races, creeds and sexual orientations.

Just kidding, you have to shoot everyone in the face real hard.

Phil: Will the sequel to Hotline Miami tie into the Bad Boys franchise?

Fork: There are several sequel ideas floating around though none of them involve WIll Smith.

Phil: I have this brilliant game I really enjoy called Analogue: A Hate Story, in which you do nothing but read a bunch of people's email. How is Hotline Miami like Analogue?

Fork: I guess technically they are both games and that's where the similarities end. I have never actually played Analogue: A Hate Story but I doubt there are enough human shields in it to really stand up next to Hotline Miami. But don't get me wrong -- opening and readin' mail sounds thrilling.

Phil: Hotline Miami releases next week for $10. But what my readers really want to know is when they'll be able to get it for $2.50 in a sale, as they are scared of what kind of havoc you'll wreak on the jet ski
you'll buy if they all pay full price. Can you honestly tell us people won't die when you're flying around on the water?

Fork: No way, man; you can preorder now for 10% off, but once this game gets popular I am going to jack the price to $49.99 and add in intrusive ads because that's how I roll.



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