Castlevania Mirror of Fate Delayed Into 2013
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Castlevania Mirror of Fate Delayed Into 2013

Originally slated for a late summer release, it’s been revealed that Mercury Steam’s take on handheld vampire slaying — Castlevania Mirror of Fate — has been pushed to 2013. No specific timeframe was given.

It’s not too surprising, considering the 3DS-bound title was looking very rough around the edges based on our E3 impressions. Low framerate was the most glaring complaint, making combat situations feel sluggish, among other issues.

At any rate, we’re glad Konami isn’t rushing this one out the door. Castlevania titles have always been something to look forward to on Nintendo handhelds, so here’s hoping Mirror of Fate continues that trend.



Contributor: exophase   Posted: Aug 13, 2012 at 2:56pm
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