CEO Mike Hayes leaving Sega this summer
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CEO Mike Hayes leaving Sega this summer

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Mike Hayes has announced his upcoming departure from Sega. The CEO, in charge of the US and Europe divisions that comprise Sega WEST, has been with company since 2004 and is credited with pushing Sega into the digital distribution era. He was also instrumental in acquiring Creative Assembly and Sports Interactive, which proved key in raising Sega's profile in Europe. Naoya Tsurumi, president and representative director of Sega, had kind words for Hayes, saying:

"Mike has achieved a huge amount during his time at Sega and we thank him for the amazing things he has accomplished...[He] is a great character and very passionate about the industry, he helped steer the extraordinary growth of Sega and has built an exceptional team of professionals that will stand us in good stead for the future." 

Hayes' work with games isn't quite through yet. He's said to be taking on an advisory role at Sega and will take on some "exec and non-exec roles in and around the industry". 

Sega's Mike Hayes steps down [GamesIndustry via Game Informer]



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