Climbing Mt. Entry Barrier: a newb tackles Armored Core V
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Climbing Mt. Entry Barrier: a newb tackles Armored Core V

Mech-virgin Stace Harman gets to grips with Armored Core V and ponders whether there’s more to these weapons of mass destruction than initially meets the eye.

Armored Core V: In brief

The latest in a well-repested series of mech action sims dating back to 1997.

Despite the numbering, Armored Core V is actually the 14th release – and that’s excluding mobile releases which never left Japan.

Developer From Software holds the right; the series has been published by a variety of companies outside Japan, including Sony, 505 and Sega.

From Software is also behind the upcoming Kinect title, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.

With over a dozen entries in a series spanning fifteen years, most gamers will be quite comfortable in gauging their interest level in Armored Core V. The rest will likely have absolutely no idea what an Armored Core is.

This is understandable, it’s been some time since the series did much to capture the imagination; the most recent releases outside of Japan date back to 2007 and 2008 with Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer, respectively. Both of these titles garnered a tepid critical reception and didn’t trouble the charts too much – evidently, giant-fighting-mechs are an acquired taste.

As such, when the call came in to ask whether I would visit Namco Bandai’s London HQ to spend some time with Armored Core V, I resolved to put aside my personal disinterest and attend with a level of receptive and curious professionalism. However, in researching this ...


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