Continued Shakeups on The Old Republic Team
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Continued Shakeups on The Old Republic Team

EA pinned much of its future on the success of The Old Republic. It hasn't been a runaway hit.

Electronic Arts has kind of sort of acknowledged reports of layoffs at BioWare Austin, the studio responsible for last year’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. The company did not provide many details.

“As with the launch of any MMO, the size and skillset of the teams needed to maintain the game is different than the ones that built it,” said the company in an emailed statement this afternoon.

Shakeups within BioWare Austin were first announced in May, and EA claims today’s reports are simply part of that plan.

“Starting in May, there have been staff reductions in the BioWare Austin studio,” said the company. “Some people have been platooned to other projects at BioWare Austin and EA Sports/Austin. Others have been released---qualifying personnel receive severance and outplacement assistance.”

EA was unwilling to disclose specifics of the staff reductions for The Old Republic Team.

“We aren’t going into any other details at this time,” said the publisher.

The company did confirm the departure of executive producer and MMO veteran Rich Vogel, who previously helped launch Meridian 59, Ultima Online, and Star Wars Galaxies. EA said Vogel left in June.

Details on the path forward for The Old Republic are coming “in the weeks ahead.” EA said it hopes to deliver new content more frequently to players, as EA tries to cling to the Star Wars and MMO fans still playing.



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