could last remnant be the worst game demo ever
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could last remnant be the worst game demo ever

If you actually play the PC demo for the game you’ll probably think that. At first I thought it was just a terrible, terrible port, and it is. The port is probably the most sloppy I’ve every seen. The controls, the options, and everything are just pathetic. Then I found out that it was more than that, the actual game was horrible too. It’s so bad, I actually laughed at it several times.

It’s by far the worst port I have ever had the misfortune of playing. Let’s start off with the title screen, no mouse support, you have to use the keyboard. Fine, I can take that. I start up the game and I’m in a room with about 8 people, who say random NPC things to me. I walk around with WASD, I move my hand to the mouse to control the camera, oh wait, that doesn’t work. I have to use the directional pad for camera. This is the most awkward and irritating control schemes I’ve ever seen, so I go to options to change it. The options screen doesn’t let you change the controls. I turn off the game.

I open it again a bit later and try the title screen’s options, and, low and behold, I can actually change things. I change the resolution and hit apply. It says must restart game for changes, I say okay. The game shuts off right there. At first I thought it had crashed, but no, it just meant that I had to restart the game right then. Fine, I start it up again and ooooh Japanese language option. Ever since the laughing scene in FFX, I’ve grown very wary of Square’s dubs, so I turn it on. It makes me restart the game again. Turning it back on, I discover you cannot bind mouse movement to anything. Read more


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