Create Co-op Puzzles in Portal 2
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Create Co-op Puzzles in Portal 2

Do you love Portal 2? Do you find yourself lying in bed late at night wondering how Valve can get anymore awesome than they already are? If so, then stop dreaming and embrace the full reality of their recent update to Portal 2. Today Valve released a free update to Portal 2’s puzzle maker (the Perpetual Testing Initiative) that will allow you, the player to create and publish co-op test chambers. That’s right, two players will be able to work cooperatively to solve puzzles you create.

Now some of you are probably saying, “But I don’t have anyone to play with,” or “I don’t own Portal 2.” My friends, Valve has got you covered. In addition to the free update, Valve is giving all current owners of Portal 2 a 75% off coupon for a second copy of Portal 2. So, snatch up those coupons and spread them around to other Steam users—or beg for one if you’re without the game.

The update will also include a “Quick Play feature that will display the top-rated maps in a variety of categories. The update will surely add yet another layer of fun to a great title. So what are you waiting for? Get your free update today.



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