Creator of Pitfall! Seeks $900,000 to Kickstart JungleVenture
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Creator of Pitfall! Seeks $900,000 to Kickstart JungleVenture

This weekend during the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, David Crane, creator of the innovative action game Pitfall!, announced his decision to launch a Kickstarter for JungleVenture.

The Kickstarter, which aims to raise $900,000, is being launched to produce a title with a flavour of the game that made Crane famous, but one which is planned to be developed in Unity and offer a side-scrolling experience.

“It’s not going to be a 3-D chase through the jungle in first person,” he says, “largely because of budget constraints. You can spend 10 to 20 million dollars on those kinds of games, and that’s not what we’re going for here.”

Crane says that while he has designed a game which can be made for under $1 million, if the Kickstarter raises enough money, JungleVenture, which is still in the “conceptual” stage, will be enhanced with extra design features.

The game, which is being produced by JungleVenture Inc., based in San Fransciso, is being made for Mac and PC, but Crane also envisions creating smartphone and tablet versions if the Kickstarter earns enough money.

Crane hopes to ship JungleVenture  in December 2013.

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