Diablo III Game Creation Limit Re-enabled
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Diablo III Game Creation Limit Re-enabled

Blizzard has announced plans to reintroduce a limitation on the number of games that can be created in Diablo III, to clamp down on exploiters and bots.

The limitation will be structured so that it will only affect offending users, and normal players shouldn’t even notice it. Basically, it will limit the amount of new games that can be created in a short space of time, so a normal player should never hit this limit. The full statement from Blizzard can be found below:

“In the near future, we’ll be re-enabling the limit on how many games a player can create within a certain amount of time. We’ve further tuned and tested the conditions that trigger this limit to ensure, as much as possible, that it only affects those abusing the Diablo III game service in a way that violates the Terms of Use – for example, by using bots that create games in rapid succession.

“The use of bots not only impacts the stability of the game service, but it also has an impact on the player-driven economy. While we regularly take action against accounts for the use of unauthorized third-party programs and bots, this additional measure will help us further preserve and protect the integrity of the game and economy in between ban waves.

“Once this change goes live, we’re looking for your feedback to help ensure that the limit is working as intended. If you encounter the “Input limit reached” message and feel you should not have, please let us know how many games you were creating and why. This information will help us ensure the limit minimally impacts legitimate players while still protecting the game against bots.

“We’ll continue to tweak the game limit as necessary, as well as continue to go after the few cheaters and botters that are out there in other ways. Our goal is to help ensure that Diablo III continues to be a fun gaming environment for all of our players, and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on this change once it goes live.”



Contributor: egmnow.com   Posted: Jul 19, 2012 at 6:45am
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