DmC PC Version Outsourced by Capcom, Won’t Be Out Until Console Versions Ship
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DmC PC Version Outsourced by Capcom, Won’t Be Out Until Console Versions Ship

Planning on getting DmC for PC instead of consoles? You might be waiting for a while, as Capcom has confirmed that the PC version won't be out until after the console versions has been released. What's more, Capcom is not even doing development duties on the PC version themselves!

This news was revealed by Capcom US producer Alex Jones (via Eurogamer) at TGS. 

I can't give you a day and date...What I can say we're endeavouring to get it out as shortly after the main game as possible so there's as little a gap between those two as we can reasonably get.

Jones also revealed who'll be developing the PC version of DmC. It has been outsourced to porting and localization specialist QLOC. In one bit of good news, QLOC is not some unknown company as they're also the developers behind the PC versions of Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and Street Fighter X Tekken. If this is the case, what's the hold up, then? Allow Jones to explain.

Because it's being developed out of house by a different developer from Ninja Theory there are logistical things involved...But the plan is to get it out shortly after the ship date for the console version.

Aside from these details, Jones also wants to set one thing straight. Virgil will not be playable in DmC. If you've seen the game's TGS trailer released earlier today, you might have gotten the wrong idea since, y'know, Virgil makes an appearance.

However, there is one saving grace the PC version DmC will have that it's console brothers won't. Capcom is aiming DmC for PC to run at 60fps, while the console versions are locked at 30fps. It's a small thing, but that's better than nothing, right?

DmC is slated for release on January 15 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. PC gamers will need a little bit longer if they want to play Dante's latest adventure on their rig.



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