Dragon Age 3 Might Have Already Been Delayed
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Dragon Age 3 Might Have Already Been Delayed

Has Dragon Age III been delayed by EA? Kotaku seems to think this is the case, and they have some pretty solid grounding to do so.

EA yesterday announced that they’ve delayed a “key game” from the 13th fiscal year to the 14th, which basically means something has been delayed until some time after March 2013. According to financial analyst Michael Pachter, this mystery game could quite possibly be Dragon Age III.

Pachter seems to think that a Dragon Age III delay would be implemented so that BioWare devs working on the game could instead help out on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

"When we spoke with the [EA] CEO, he added the color that the game was expected to slip because the team had been pulled away to work on another important project,” Pachter noted this morning. “While we don't know what the game is, the only game that makes sense is Dragon Age 3, as it is developed by BioWare, the same studio that produced the Star Wars MMO.”

“It seems obvious to us that the BioWare team responsible for Dragon Age 3 was asked to place development of that game on hold and work on Star Wars, to ensure that the latter game launched before the holidays."

BioWare has been hiring staff to develop Dragon Age III since May 2011, and has even gone as par to publicly discuss the game at PAX East this year.

Given the fact that Dragon Age II was decried as feeling ‘rushed,’ with composer Inon Zur publicly admitting his area of the development process was somewhat of a “rush job,” is more time for development really such a bad thing?





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