Drew Karpyshyn Leaves BioWare
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Drew Karpyshyn Leaves BioWare

As the Mass Effect trilogy comes to an end, so does writer Drew Karpyshyn’s twelve years at BioWare.

The writer behind the first two Mass Effect games, Knights of the Old Republic and The Jade Empire has officially retired from BioWare and video games to focus more on penning novels.

As well as writing for the games, Karpyshyn also wrote some of the associated game novels, including titles based on Star Wars, Baldur’s Gate and Mass Effect.

“I’m leaving to focus more time and energy on my novels and other non-video game related projects.” Karpyshyn posted on his blog. “But even though I’ll no longer be working on games for BioWare, I’m not going to be severing all ties with them. Many of my closest friends still work at the company, and I’m also in the process of writing the next Star Wars: The Old Republic novel, though I can’t say too much about it yet.”

[Drew Karpyshyn via VG247]



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