Dungeon Defenders Vita Port Shelved
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Dungeon Defenders Vita Port Shelved

Trendy Entertainment has decided to can the Dungeon Defenders project for the Vita. The news game via the Dungeon Defenders forum in community leader Hitmonchan’s weekly Dungeon Defenders Digest.

“While we believe the Vita is a very capable platform, we’ve decided to shelve the vita port of the game. Many fans, including myself, would like to play Dungeons Defenders on the portable device, but ultimately, we’ve decided to divert those resources to other pursuits.”

If you’re disappointed, head over to the Dungeon Defenders forums and take solace in the multitude of better news about patches and how well things are going on Steam. On July 10th, Dungeon Defenders will add Steam Workshop to their game, joining the likes of Skyrim and Team Fortress 2.

There are also some awesome MS Paint Father’s Day cards you can steal and give to your dad this weekend. If you don’t have a dad, you can give it to some random homeless man. You’re welcome.

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