E3 2012: Star Wars 1313 Is Official, Takes Place On Coruscant
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E3 2012: Star Wars 1313 Is Official, Takes Place On Coruscant

LucasArts has confirmed the leaks regarding Star Wars 1313, launching an official homepage and a Facebook page for the upcoming action title. While no specific point in the Star Wars timeline has been made official, the most prominent image of the game features Galactic Empire ships from the post-Clone Wars era and “Original Trilogy” period.

Per LucasArts’ press release, the game’s title refers to “Level 1313″ in Coruscant, “a ruthless criminal underground deep below the surface of the planet.” There won’t be any lightsaber swinging or Force powers on the main character’s part either, as the lead role is taken by an unnamed bounty hunter.

Fans of the series speculated that the “1313″ reference also pointed to popular character Boba Fett, who once used the designation as a codename in an expanded universe novel. That would be a stretch, but other fans are suggesting even more unlikely things, such as the main character actually being Dash Rendar.

Here’s a chunk from the press release that may be causing all that guesswork:

Star Wars 1313 emphasizes epic set pieces and fast-paced combat with a hero who uses human skills and gadgets, rather than supernatural Force powers, to make his way through this dangerous world.

No Force Lightning is going to be a bummer, but given how overpowered Starkiller was in the last Force Unleashed title, it’s probably not a big loss. Take a look at the official page for yourself, or check out their Facebook hub to throw out some clues.



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