Fez Update Delayed For 2 Weeks
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Fez Update Delayed For 2 Weeks

Fez is one of those games that just took a stupid long time to come out, but I've been watching Indie Game The Movie and it's pretty understandable since it's an ambitious game created by a two person team. Hopefully that makes what I'm about to tell you a little easier to swallow. The next Fez update is being delayed by two weeks.

�We submitted the update to MS for certification on May 17th, it entered the cert process on the 21st and we got the answer back on the 25th that it failed because of two critical issues,� Polytron said on their Facebook page. “One of them was resolved quickly, the other one (a random crash when upgrading the game from trial to full game) was impossible to reproduce or test on my side. We tried with MS to get the issue ignored because I had no tools to resolve it, but after weeks nothing moved.�

Everything is fine and dandy now, we just have to wait the two weeks that is required by Microsoft. The update was rumored to be released this month but with the two week wait, July is looking more realistic. Polytron was able to confirm though that the frame skipping is no longer an issue.

“Frame skipping while auto-saving is gone. Black holes don’t slow down the game so much either, and there’s improvements to rotating switches. And level transitions “through the sky� are less jarring.�



Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: Jun 14, 2012 at 2:21am
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