FIFA team “still worried” over potential PES comeback, says producer
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FIFA team “still worried” over potential PES comeback, says producer

FIFA 13 producer David Rutter has said the development team is always “worried” over a possible comeback from Pro Evolution Soccer by Konami.

Pro Evo was FIFA’s dominent competitor in the early noughties, but strong performances in the past seven years has seen FIFA come back and overtake PES, which has been in a slump since.

“There are other things out there,” Rutter said in a CVG interview. “We’re still worried about what Konami is going to do with Pro Evolution Soccer and naturally they’re our closest sports competitor.

Making FIFA outside of an absolutely mental football country is also an advantage for the development team.

“”I think actually being in Canada is a bit of an advantage as well because we’re away from all the, ‘woohoo,” said Rutter.

“Look how amazing we are!’ We don’t see the shops with tonnes of FIFA copies in them, or see the launch or hear about it on the news. We’re far enough away that we’re this little isolated pod of negative nerds all working on FIFA.”

FIFA 13 launches this autumn. Details here.


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