Five Maps To Remake For Halo 4
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Five Maps To Remake For Halo 4

Our favorite maps we want to get a makeover.

343 Industries have said that the majority of the multiplayer maps that will be included with Halo 4 will be brand new, but that they also aren’t against remaking some of the previous maps in the series. We’ve gone through all the maps we’ve ever played and came up with the top 5 maps that we want remade.

All of the previous games in the series since Halo CE have had at least one map remake and I don’t think 343i are going to change that trend, so in no particular order, here are our top five maps we want to receive a proper makeover for Halo 4:

The Pit

Quite possibly our favorite Halo 3 map, The Pit had it all and right from the start of the match, the game was on. Throw some grenades down the hallway, while someone else rushes to get first rights to the Rocket Launcher. There wasn’t any time to warm up on The Pit, so you had to be ready to go or else you were going to be climbing your way out of second place for the rest of the game. It had dueling Turrets, Sniper Rifles and the coveted Energy Sword in the room that you loved to hate. Sure there were some decent Forge World remakes in Halo Reach, but we want the real thing, properly redone.


Lost Platoon

Before you think we’re crazy, we know that Lost Platoon was a Firefight map in ODST but we think it would make a great multiplayer map as well. It was our goto Firefight map and think it could translate very well into the multiplayer boundaries. It was a huge map, so it would be a great vehicle map and it already featured the Warthog and Choppers, and the wide open space would be great for Jetpacks and Snipers as well. It may be a bit too big for standard 4 vs 4 Team Slayer, so even if it had to be a Big Team map, we’d be happy to get the chance to play some multiplayer on it.



Anyone who has ever played Halo 3 will know that when you play on Guardian you are going to spend the majority of your time either defending or attacking the room above the lift. You also know that the guy with the Hammer is going to ruin your day if you aren’t paying attention. Snipers loved it, Hammer enthusiasts loved it, and it had plenty of tight corners for you Shotgunners out there too. Even though Guardian is already loosely based on Lockout from Halo 2, we want it back, again.


The Cage

Hanging from the side of a cliff, high above the water, The Cage is one of our favorite maps from Halo Reach, and is definitely on our list of map remakes for Halo 4. Oddly enough, The Cage was originally designed for Halo CE and then was turned into Lockout in Halo 2, so it has inspired remakes of its own. A remake of The Cage would benefit nicely from a makeover as it was designed in Forge World and had the same look as about a million other maps, A nice aesthetic update, while keeping the layout intact would be great. Similar to what Bungie did when they remade Lockout into Blackout for Halo 3.



The multi-level map from Halo 3 was one of our favorites. From battles at the top of the gravity lift, to random kills as you lobbed grenades from one corner room to the other, we had some of the best games on Construct. This is another map that would be great for Jetpacks, with plenty of room to fly and multiple levels to reach. It would change the way you played the map and we think would be a great remake for Halo 4.


Well those are the five maps we want remade for Halo 4, and we know that not everyone is going to agree with our choices and you have your favorites as well, so let us know the comments which maps you want to see redone for Halo 4.



Contributor: TheControllerOnline   Posted: May 30, 2012 at 3:01pm
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