Former Lumines, Child of Eden Co-Creators Release their First Game
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Former Lumines, Child of Eden Co-Creators Release their First Game

Industry veterans, Osamu Kodera (Rez, Child of Eden), Sawako Yamamoto (Child of Eden) and Eiichiro Ishige (Lost Odyssey), now collectively known as Monstars Inc,. has just released their first game under their new development studio.

The game, simply called Kotomon, is now available for iOS devices and sees the player controlling the Kotomon character with one's finger. The user can then catch friendly monsters and shoot them at enemies. To spice things up a bit, the game will offere different variations of friendly monsters; some can breathe fire or detonate on impact, and so on. 

Of course, Kotomon wouldn't be the brainchild of former Child of Eden developers if it didn't incorporate music into its gameplay, no? Your actions in the game will add beats to the background music, and in turn, allow you to "contribute" to the game's soundtrack.

You can download Kotomon on iTunes and iOS devices now for $2.99

To be honest, it still amazes me that more and more developers are jumping ship to iOS and mobile game development. I just hope not everyone does or we won't have any games left to play on our consoles, no?

Needless to say, we wish everyone at Monstar Inc. nothing but the best!

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