Funko Announces Hello Kitty Kiss Figures
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Funko Announces Hello Kitty Kiss Figures

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Funko have announced that they’ve released four vinyl figures of Hello Kitty dressed as the members of Kiss. And no, we did not just make that up.

Each of the 5.5-inch tall figures are dressed to look like the members of Kiss in the ’70s, with one each for The Demon (Gene Simmons), The Starchild (Paul Stanley), The Catman (Peter Criss), and The Spaceman (Ace Frehley).

Each will retail for $11.99, though you might want to get the Spaceman and Catman ones before the other two kick them out and replace them with different toys wearing the same outfits.

Contributor:   Posted: Aug 17, 2012 at 6:36pm
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