Gamescom 2012: Secret Gameplay Footage From ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Demo
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Gamescom 2012: Secret Gameplay Footage From ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Demo

Quantic Dream is being pressed by gaming journalists about Beyond: Two Souls, and whether it’s much more than a Heavy Rain clone starring Ellen Page. At Gamescom 2012, the developers showed off some gameplay to answer back.

Although the game is heavily scripted with cutscenes and guided paths, the team is stressing that unlike Heavy Rain, there’s a lot of freedom in where you can move and what you can do.

As shown in the demo below, that purportedly extends to the combat, where a variety of interconnected set pieces can supposedly change and alter the gameplay in constantly shifting circumstances.

Check out the gameplay footage below and see what the action is like, taken from a behind-closed-doors session during a presentation headed up by Quantic Dream founder David Cage. Of particular note, the mechanics behind protagonist Jolie Holmes’ supernatural guardian apparition are explained with in-depth detail.

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