gaming costs spiraling out of control – why
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gaming costs spiraling out of control – why

Many gamers consider the retail costs of games and consoles being the main culprit of their fiscal stress, and one could argue that is the case, especially here in Australia where we seem to always pay more.

In fact, game retail prices have remained reasonably stable for over two decades now, and in most cases are even now lower than the initial influx of games two or more decades ago.

There is more to the problem than just the retail costs of games.

As Australian Game Informer editor Chris Stead pointed out in his study article to uncover the high costs of gaming here, retail games prices are reasonable all things considered, and there is no evidence to show price gouging or exploitation by either retailers or publishers, much to his dismay (Chris Stead in Issue#5 of Game Informer Aust, pgs 12 – 17). Read more

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