Gears of War art director says the Xbox 360 can still “do better” graphically
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Gears of War art director says the Xbox 360 can still “do better” graphically

“Yeah, there’ll always be something more we can figure out, do better. When we first released Gears of War, the first one, people were like ‘woah, they’re pushing the Xbox to its limits, they’re doing crazy things’ – and every single time we’ve been able to step it up and find some corner of the 360 that no one was aware of and more areas for us to push.”

“We’re pushing way more enemies, way more particles, the environments are a lot more dense than on previous games. Our rendering engine, we’ve even added a few new features that allow us to do richer lighting, more dynamic lighting, darker darks, brighter brights. So yeah, it was all hands on deck optimising this thing, we squeezed a lot more out of it.”

- Gears of War: Judgement art director Waylon Brinck

It’s amazing how far games on certain systems can come from launch to death, and the Xbox 360 is no exception. Around when the console launched, we had Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Dead Rising as our graphical pillars– both of which would be considered very poor looking if they came out now– followed by the first Gears of War, which really set a standard for what could be done on the technology. PS3 and Wii were no different either; they just had higher or lower starting points.



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