GOG Summer Sale Day 11
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GOG Summer Sale Day 11

GOG is taking no prisoners and launching us into the weekend with two fantastic titles. If you missed out on the first ten days, let me to break it down for you. Each day, GOG puts up two titles that go head to head in a vote and gamers have the chance to determine which title will receive the heaviest discount. The winner is given a 60% discount for the following day and the runner-up is reduced in price by 40%, then they do it all over again. This sale lasts for 17 days, but each game is only discounted for a 24 hour period.

Day Eleven was a medieval throwdown and Stronghold Crusader came out on top, with Lords of the Realm close behind. Luckily, in this sale, everyone wins!

Discounted prices are listed below:

Stronghold Crusader - $3.99

Lords of the Realm: Royal Edition - $3.59

Today GOG is putting some hard hitters up to bat. In the ring for Day Eleven is the acclaimed title Trine against the decorated The Whispered World. Trine is an action adveture platformer and the Whispered World is a point-and-click adventure. If either of these titles sound enticing, be sure to load up GOG.com and vote! And remember, deals end/begin at 9am EST during the sale.



Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: Jun 29, 2012 at 6:52pm
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