Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Headed To The PS3
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Headed To The PS3

Rockstar's 10th anniversary celebration for their groundbreaking Grand Theft Auto 3 continues, or so it would seem. It has recently been revealed, via the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is headed to the PS3.

Alongside the rating was one for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, though it's arrival on the PS3 has been known for some time, and was even rated once already. No word as to why it was submitted a second time. Perhaps Rockstar forgot about the first time?

No details yet from the house that GTA literally built, but it is expected to be part of the PS2 Classics section, meaning that they will be straightforward ports without any HD-upgrades.

Which might be a bummer to some, but at least the price tag should be agreeable to most: $9.99 if it's in line with previous Classics releases. No word either on their release date, but it wouldn't be a huge shocker if it was sometime before the holidays.

At any rate, this is great news since most believe that of the three GTA3s released, San Andreas is by far the superior product. Though Vice City also has its fans as well.



Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: Oct 29, 2012 at 4:55pm
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