Halo Infinity Multiplayer Details
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Halo Infinity Multiplayer Details

Welcome to the UNSC Infinity.

Multiplayer action in Halo 4 will center around the largest starship in the UNSC fleet, and will be collectively referred to as Halo Infinity Multiplayer. The UNSC Infinity will act as the hub for both War Games, the competitive multiplayer suite in Halo 4, and Spartan Ops the new co-op, story driven mode that follows the crew of Infinity.


The new Spartan Ops co-op mode will tell the story of the Infinity and her crew through a series of weekly episodes that tell the story of the leadership of the UNSC Infinity as well as a new team of Spartans called Majestic Squad. Majestic will be exploring the Forerunner world of Requiem and the story of Spartan Ops will tie in with the main campaign of Halo 4. Spartan Ops missions will be available as single player or co-op with up to three of your friends and it’s all free. That’s right, this is not a paid DLC plan. 343 Industries describe Spartan Ops as:

Spartan Ops. The story of the UNSC Infinity intersects with the “Halo 4” campaign, then continues on in a brand-new, story-driven experience known as Spartan Ops. A first of its kind and an exciting new addition to the “Halo” franchise, Spartan Ops is an episodic adventure that blends immersive storytelling, high-quality cinematics, and action-packed gameplay to deliver an unprecedented serialised experience.

War Games will house Halo 4′s competitive multiplayer modes and will fit into the story by taking place on Infinity’s combat deck as simulations. New modes haven’t been revealed yet but you can be sure some of your old favorites will make a return. Each player’s Spartan earns not just aesthetic upgrades as you progress but actual battle skills and options to customize your loadout.

War Games. The competitive multiplayer modes of “Halo 4,” known as War Games, take place on the combat deck of the UNSC Infinity and revive the visceral and immersive experiences that “Halo” multiplayer is famous for. “Halo 4” introduces fresh, immersive new game modes and strategies to help you progress your Spartan-IV career, while also delivering an experience that’s still distinctly and uniquely “Halo.” More details on all the modes of War Games will be released at a later time.

Total Combat Freedom and Player Progression. “Halo 4” features a vastly expanded suite of new multiplayer modes, weapons, vehicles, armour abilities, a new loadout and player progression system, and a new armour modification system that introduces gameplay-enhancing customisations for the first time in a “Halo” game. These advancements can be used in both Spartan Ops and certain War Games matchmaking playlists, empowering player choice, vastly expanding their creative options, and make the experience deeper for core fans and more approachable for newcomers.

If this info wasn’t enough of a tease you can check out an animated version of the Halo 4 artwork that was released earlier in the week below:





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