halo wars what’s wrong with multiplayer
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halo wars what’s wrong with multiplayer

So the consensus here at OXCGN is that Halo Wars is pretty damn good. In fact Arthur declared greatness with a 9/10. But personally I’d declare something akin to goodness. It’s made RTS exciting and accessible on a console like never before and has the distinct and authentic smell of the ever-deepening Halo universe. To ensure you get a full background make sure you check out the Halo Wars: What’s wrong with Singleplayer as well, in order to get a full grasp of the story.

The problem for Halo Wars is that Bungie set such a high bar, not just for the industry at large, but most particularly for every
Halo game to follow. And that’s predictably where Halo Wars falls short.

How can that be changed through DLC, updates and inevitable sequels?

Well I’ve already considered my personal misgivings with the single player experience, but read on for my critique of what’s wrong with the multiplayer experience and feel free to follow up with your own by commenting below. Read more


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