In defense of boring
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In defense of boring

As games move towards noise and thunder, I’m inclined to retreat back into the eye of the storm. I’m retreating to boring games.

The action movie palette, often robbed by games, gives us bright lights, flashing pictures, and melodramatic scenes, creating a variety of experiences based on the number of explosions. If the beginning of the story has one gunshot, the ending will have five hundred. If you start your game with an exploding train, or the planet Earth being invaded by sentient robots, action movie logic tells us you must end with apocalypse, and there can be no down time in between. You’re being hunted by evil! Evil made of men jumping away from explosions! After finishing Mass Effect 3, I realized I wanted off. I wanted peace, and calm, and a varied palette of experiences. Because when tension is perpetually increasing, there’s only one way for it to go: up. Give the player sundry experiences, some full of explosions and others full of, say, puppies, and the violence will be more impressive. Because the puppies will die. If there’s violence atop hyper violence, then we’ll think the violence is wasting our time. Instead, we need something that’s been cut from ...


Nightmare Mode

Contributor: Nightmare Mode   Posted: Apr 6, 2012 at 12:04pm
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