Indie Royale debuts Gone Fishin’ bundle
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Indie Royale debuts Gone Fishin’ bundle

Indie Royale is back with another thrifty pile of independent games.

Available through a combination of Steam, Desura and direct download on PC and Mac, the Gone Fishin’ pack features SOL: Exodus; All Zombies Must Die!; Cubemen; SQUIDS; Platformance: Castle Pain and Platformance: Temple Death. Bonuses unlocked so far include a SOL: Exodus artbook and extra game Vectorgeddon, while those who pay over $8 will score Floex’s album Pocustone.

With a suggested pricetag $15, the Gone Fishin’ bundle is currently going for $5.13 minimum. As usual, paying more than the minimum price will lower the cost for everyone who follows you. The bundle will only be offered for one week and has so far attracted 6,400 purchasers.


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