Indie Royale Presents The Halloween Bundle
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Indie Royale Presents The Halloween Bundle

The other day, we suggested a great way to celebrate the days leading up to Halloween. And once again, Left4Dead is totally free to play this weekend. But what if first person shooters are not your thing? Here's another suggestion: the Indie Royale's Halloween Bundle

For those not familiar, the Indie Royale (much like the Humble Bundle before it) is a curated collection of indie games that are offered in bulk for a super low price.

It works like this: the initial asking price is just a penny, though there is a suggested donation. People are able to fork over however much they feel like, so long as it's the minimum asking price. Which is based upon the average amount that everyone is forking over, up till that point.

As of this writing, the minimum is just $5.14. So it pays to buy in as soon as possible, which is right now. But even for $15, you're getting a considerable assortment of high quality games for a bargain. If each were purchased separately, one would be paying far more than twice that amount.

The trailer below shows exactly what you'll be getting. But these bundles don't last very long; you have a little over six days to take advantage.



Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: Oct 27, 2012 at 1:42am
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