Is Machinarium Headed to PS Vita?
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Is Machinarium Headed to PS Vita?

Well, the ESRB has done it again. Ratings for Machinarium on the PlayStation 3 (which we already knew about) and Vita have been outed by the North American classification website. And while this doesn’t mean that the game is necessarily confirmed for Sony’s handheld, titles that appear on the ESRB’s website usually become a thing down the road.

Speaking to Eurogamer, developer Amanita Design stated that Sony had yet to confirm Machinarium for the Vita. Despite this statement, I’m willing to bet a few bucks that the indie puzzler will land on the portable device. I mean, it would certainly make a great fit, and I can see Amanita Design implementing some of those touchscreen features or some cross-save functionality into the game.

So there you have it. While no one can confirm that Machinarium will be a Vita title, we actually kind of can confirm it. That doesn’t make any sense, you say? Read it again, and it will make all the sense in the world.

See? Told ya.



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