Japanese charts: Vita rebounds, Armored Core and Resident Evil blitz charts
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Japanese charts: Vita rebounds, Armored Core and Resident Evil blitz charts

PS Vita have rebounded slightly in Japan after week-over-week declines since launch, and the new handheld should send Namco a thank you card for the resurgence, as it was due to Tales of Innocence R’s debut which did it. Over on Media Create’s weekly software chart, the Tales game wasn’t the only debut in the top three, as Armored Core V and Resident Evil Revelations took the number one and second place spots, respectively.

Armored Core V topped the charts with 163,906 units moved on PS3, and the Xbox 360 version landed at number six with 24,719 units sold.

Resident Evil Revelations hit 3DS running with 146,559 units moved, and Tales of Innocence R moved 54,853 units for the three spot, which gave Vita a title in the top 20 once more.

The other debut for the week, Namco’s PSP title Gundam Mokuba no Kiseki, landed at 11 with 9,121 units sold.

Over on the hardware end, last week, PS2 and Xbox 360 were the only systems to show growth; however, Media Create’s latest figures show the growth was sort-lived, as both declined in sales for the week.

PSP and its handheld competitors DSi and DSi LL also saw a sales decline during the period. Wii and PS3 sales were up slightly over the prior week, but 3DS and Vita were the clear winners in the growth department with an extra 3,829 and 3,723 units moved, respectively, over the prior week.

The full top 20 for the week ending January ...



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