just cause 2 – crush frag review
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just cause 2 – crush frag review

A tropical paradise, a multipurpose grappling hook and a flimsy excuse for a plot; all of this adds up to Just Cause 2. Join CFD!’s Sage Knox as we figure out if the trip is worth the price of the ticket:

“The opening sequence of Just Cause 2 gives you a pretty good indication of how off-the-wall crazy-delicious the disc you just popped in is going to be.

Flying above a fictional Southeast Asian island called Panau, crucifix-wearing protagonist Rico Rodriguez is immediately tasked with jumping out of a helicopter to recover extremely sensitive information. That info was previously sitting next to an open door and securely fastened…

…to nothing.”

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Contributor: ShadowPraxis   Posted: Apr 27, 2010 at 6:57am
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