Kalypso Media’s Alien Spidy Pushed Back to the Fall
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Kalypso Media’s Alien Spidy Pushed Back to the Fall

Publisher Kalypso Media has decided to push back the release of their quirky sidescrolling title Alien Spidy until this fall. The game had been planned for a summer release.

Developer Enigma Software and Kalypso struck a deal to bring the game to XBLA last November, and it is also being developed for PSN and PC. At the very least, however, Kalypso has released a new trailer to show off a little of what we’re missing both in terms of gameplay and story. 

Alien Spidy, as you might expect, is about a cute, big-eyed alien arachnid that unfortunately manages to crash-land his ship on the blue dot we call home. With a silhouette aesthetic which has been compared to Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, the game is a neat-looking 2D sidescrolling adventure title that Kalypso plans to show off during PAX Prime (being held from August 31 to September 2 in Seattle).

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Contributor: Gameranx   Posted: Aug 13, 2012 at 12:59am
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