Kaz Hirai Says Vita Is Off to a Good Start, Software Necessary
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Kaz Hirai Says Vita Is Off to a Good Start, Software Necessary

There’s no denying the fact that the PlayStation Vita is an impressive device. It’s a powerful handheld that can do some pretty cool things and includes awesome features. That said, it’s most certainly lacking in content, which is a shame, because Vita adopters desperately want to put their shiny handheld to good use.

While interest in the Vita in Japan has plummeted over the past several weeks, overall sales for the portable have hit the 1.8 million mark, figures that Sony CEO Kaz Hirai is content with, states Eurogamer. “About Vita, the last year, [we sold] 1.8 million units for US, Japan, Asia, and Europe,” he stated. “And as a starting phase, I think it was a good start.”

While 1.8 million sales certainly isn’t a bad thing, there’s an obvious lack of content that Sony needs to rectify. Hirai believes that more content will secure the Vita’s fan base and possibly even draw in newer fans. “A game platform, like Vita — the software is the key to success, how good the software is,” said the Sony CEO. “We have to reinforce the software area in order to improve the business, that is the basic line.”

The 3DS is a perfect example of a portable platform that got off to a slow and unpopular start due to a lack of games. Now, though, it’s been the top-selling system in Japan for quite some time. Sony needs to reward gamers who bought the Vita by releasing compelling content for the handheld. Additionally, the company needs to do exactly that in order to obtain new Vita gamers.



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