killzone 2 has shook gamers and the industry
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killzone 2 has shook gamers and the industry

According to an unknown CGI artists with no actual work to prove otherwise; who shows where his true loyalty lies decides to take us gamers on a biased delusional trip called the truth which is nothing more than a mere opinion without hardcore facts to back up anything at all. Without a doubt Killzone 2 is one of the most anticipated exclusive games on the ps3 right now with full developer support and a strong online community offering challenging matches. Such a great game with offering something that no other console shooter and maybe pc shooters has to offer. A functional cover system that doesn’t shift into 3rd person and a All in one mission based game from team death match to search and destroy. But like all great games there will always be haters, fanboys and people who just hate it so much for an ignorant petty reason.
PS3 The Evolution has this to say about the game from a unknown source that has as much as credibility as the creators of the phantom game console. Read more


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