Killzone: Mercenary screenshots, details
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Killzone: Mercenary screenshots, details

In addition to Tearaway, new content surrounding Killzone: Mercenary – another anticipated PlayStation Vita game – have surfaced online recently. For the latest screenshots and details, check out the items below.

- Mix of touch and button controls
- Touch controls are mostly minimal
- Swipe the main screen in certain ways to perform a melee, touch enemies to launch missiles at them, or select weapons like your grenade
- Double tap the rear touchpad to sprint
- Can sprint with one of the front buttons as well
- Play as a mercenary who’s working on both sides of the conflict between the ISA and Helghast in single-player
- Move between the two sides at certain points during the campaign
- Press demo takes place halfway into the story
- Involved with the two conflicting sides and have to escort a kid who’s important to both the opposing forces
- Don’t need to protect the kid at all times
- Up to 8 players can fight over Wi-Fi in multiplayer
- Deathmatch, team deathmatch, and Warzone matches
- New Valor Card system for Wi-Fi: collect cards from another player’s corpse
- Cards are tied into the ranking and money system of the game
- Joint bank shared in single-player and multiplayer
- Any money earned goes towards your being able to purchase new weaponry in multiplayer
- 7-9 hour campaign
- 9 different levels
- 3 difficulty settings



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