Last Week on Kickstarter for Ouya: New Color, Buttons, Vevo Introduced
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Last Week on Kickstarter for Ouya: New Color, Buttons, Vevo Introduced

There are seven days to go for the Ouya on Kickstarter. And while the Android-based console has already been funded and is currently looking at over $6 million in pledges, there’s a new incentive for gamers who want to invest a few extra bucks on the platform. If you pledge a total of $140, you’ll snag the limited edition Brown Brushed Metal Finish Ouya (pictured above).

The darn thing actually looks really snazzy, and it has this sexy look to it that’s almost reminiscent of a dark, sleek wood finish. To top it off, folks who shell out the extra cash for this limited edition Ouya will also get a matching controller. Suh-weet!

Speaking of controllers, the peripheral’s face buttons have been updated. Rather than the previous design, which only featured circles (or Os, maybe?), the new face buttons have the letters O, U, Y, and A. You know, like the console’s name! That’s much more color blind-friendly, wouldn’t you say?

In addition to all that tangible stuff, the Ouya team also announced that it was partnering with Vevo to feature over 50,000 HD music videos on the platform. Music lovers will be able to stream videos on the console from the get-go right at launch. That means I’ll get to watch that sick performance of “All For a Woman” by The Airborne Toxic Event on my TV! Yay!


Contributor: exophase   Posted: Aug 1, 2012 at 11:47pm
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