Lego Minecraft Micro World releasing this summer
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Lego Minecraft Micro World releasing this summer

Lego Minecraft is coming to “selected” retailers this summer.

It will include Steve, a lovely creeper, and the stone, sand, wood, blocks from the game. Water and lava will be included as well.

“I played a lot with Lego bricks as a child, and that’s influenced how I make games,” said Notch at a press conference in Denmark. “I prefer games with levels that are modifiable. I don’t like static levels. There are problems of scaling. Minecraft has huge long tunnels, and you can’t really fit that in to a living room.

“But I think the Lego guys have created something that’s really great, that really feels like Minecraft.”

You can go ahead and pre-order your set here, which will run you $34.99 / €34.99.

Thanks: RPS, Edge.


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