microsofts greenberg were less than halfway through the console cycle
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microsofts greenberg were less than halfway through the console cycle

Sales of Xbox 360 in the U.S. reached 241,000 units during the month of June, a 9 percent year-over-year increase — but Microsoft’s hoping the industry takes a macro view of the first six months of 2009.

“Our console sales for the first half of the year actually grew 20 percent from January to June versus the same six months last year,” Microsoft’s Xbox 360/Xbox Live group product manager Aaron Greenberg tells Gamasutra in an interview conducted alongside the June 2009 NPD results. “We’re the only console that grew in the first half of the year.”

For Microsoft, this means more than evading the “industry slump” created by the challenging comparisons to last year’s summer blockbuster release months. According to Greenberg, this continued growth is evidence of the Xbox 360′s market duration.

“I think what’s interesting there is we were the first to market, so in many ways we’re showing a lot of longevity,” he says. And part of that, Greenberg claims, is attributable to the burgeoning online marketplace, which NPD numbers do not track.

“Xbox Live data is kind of this untold phenomenon,” says Greenberg. “There are 20 million people there, but what are they doing? Are they buying more stuff?” This month, the company’s got data to share: In the first half of the year, Greenberg says paid downloads increased 73 percent over the 12 months through June. Read more


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