Minecraft Adventure Update “Weeks Away�
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Minecraft Adventure Update “Weeks Away�

4J Studios, the company that helped Mojang port Minecraft to XBLA, recently tweeted that Update 1.8.2—known as the Adventure Update—still needs a bit of work until it can be released, which likely won’t be for “weeks.”

The update is expected to add NPCs, strongholds, villages and abandoned mineshafts. The update will also bring in the anticipated Creative Mode, which will allow players to turn their Minecraft experience into an unlimited LEGO set without having to mine for all their materials. On top of that, 4J notes that plenty of testing will have to be done as well.

Those playing the PC version of Minecraft have already had the Adventure Update at their disposal for quite awhile now, but 4J still has their work cut out for them with the console update, something Chief Technology Officer Paddy Burns told OXM in an interview,

“The move to 1.8.2 is much more challenging," said Burns, comparing it to the 1.7.3 update. Burns referred to the update as “tricky,” so we’re just going to have to be patient for the next few weeks while it comes together.

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